Monday, May 5, 2008

Latest Diorama - "We're Tired of War"

Hello all. Here are some pics of my latest diorama entitled "We're Tired Of War". It's a mass surrender scene during the end of the war somewhere around the Frankfurt sector. It originally started out as a commission job for somebody who midway through backed out but I decided to continue to it's end. There are 54 figures total of which about only 8 or 9 are stock, the rest being either some kind of conversion or resculpted arms & legs here and there. It's fairly large and a bit complex in certain areas so it was very hard to photograph. Hopefully you can get a sense of the from these not so great pics. The vehicles have some brass here & there but are basically ootb with alot of extras. The buildings are converted to some extent and all have scratchbuilt roofs.

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  1. Awesome work. Very convincing and realistic. If you took some pics in b/w or a sepia setting it might look like a real wartime photo. Very Shep Paine or Verlinden-like, which is very high standard. You should submit your work to some of the higher end modelling mags. Cheers from Canada. Michael