Monday, July 29, 2013

Latest piece I'm working on...

Here is my latest commission in progress. It's a ww1 brit trench using a bunch of styrofoam, balsa wood, some castings from jon smith modelbau and about 7 or 8 figures to populate the scene. I am reslly short on time with this one as i gotta have it done by october. Ill keep plugging and keep updating as i go. Now, lots of celluclay and birchwood duckboards!

Friday, July 12, 2013

Larry Burrows

here is my latest work that I completed for a friend. It is the Life Miniatures release of a Vietnam war photographer. It is undoubtedly based on the famous photographer Larry Burrows who was killed in Laos in 1971 when a helicopter carrying him and 2 other war photo journalists was shot down. He is painted in Vallejo acrylics with Citadel paints for the metallics. The ever present eye glasses were fashioned from sheet styrene and acetate.


Monday, July 1, 2013

Sergeant John Rosengrant Re-Do...

This is my latest commission work. You may have seen me post this portrait figure of John before as it appeared with him and only a small portion of the turret as released by Warriors Scale Models sometime in the mid to late 90's AFAIK. For those of you who don't know the original piece in which the kit was based on was the whole 1/9th scale turret and figure which I believe John originally intended it to be a one off. A figure collector saw this piece as it was constructed and painted in commercial kit form (John and about a quarter of the top piece of the turret) and he had interest in buying it as is but he asked if I could do it for him just like the original and that would be with a complete 1/9 scale Sherman M4A3 105MM turret. After some thought I agreed and with some help from John Rosengrant himself I was able to get my hands on a 75MM version turret with only some of the parts to complete the turret. I also needed to convert it to a 105MM version so the .50cal MG needed to be repositioned, an extra dome ventilator needed to be added as well as a completely different mantlet and barell. After a few inquiries looking for some help I managed to get some from a friend of mine. So here is the final outcome of this piece in it's very large 1/9 scale glory. Wow what an intense project. Turret and figure are finished in all Vallejo acrylics along with some cool AK Interactive weathering product.