Friday, June 29, 2012

Waffen SS Grenadier by P J Designs...

Here is my latest commission work. It is the 1/12th scale Waffen SS Grenadier from the now defunct PJ Designs. This is the 3rd time I've tackled this figure and he just never gets old. He's holding a G43 and as far as I'm concerned I think his body language is the best I've ever seen as far as realism in a sculpt. His equipment, proportions and facial details are as well first rate. He, as always, is done in Vallejo Acrylics with citadel paints for the metallics.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Operation Overlord...

This is my latest commission work which will be called "Operation Overlord" per the client. He is the Mirage 200MM d-day paratrooper with full kit. This figure has been around for a while but is now out of production. Another board member was kind enough to sell it to me a few months back as I was commissioned to hunt one down and paint it. I had seen this figure a few times at shows and in pictures but for some reason I never really liked it. Once I got the kit in my hands though that all changed. He really is a stupendous sculpt and a very well engineered kit. Great, great, great! He is so nice I'm actually having trouble parting with him but I know he is going to a good home. Any who, enough of waxing poetically about this figure as I think you get what I mean. He is as usual painted in Vallejo Acrylics with Citadel paints for the metallics. There are 3 massive slabs of resin that come with this kit that make up a base with a section of a damaged wall which per the client was not used and instead a wooden farm fence was scratch built with some signage to establish the setting. Grass was some mossy type of material that I had lying around that scaled out pretty good to a 1/9th scale figure.

Monday, June 11, 2012

60th Don Cossacks (Crimea)

Here is a box art I recently did for The Model Cellar. It depicts a 60th Don Cossack from the Crimean war. A bit different for me but I'm trying to delve into other eras beside WWII as I try to become a more rounded painter. He is sculpted by Steve Leadley and is really a top notch sculpt. His face has tons of character for a 120MM bust. As always he is painted in Vallejo acrylics.