Monday, May 11, 2009

Latest Diorama - "Melons"

Hello all here are some bad pics of my latest creation simply called "Melons" (see the abundance of watermelon and a young busty Russian tanker and you'll know why it's called such) . This dio depicts some Russian troops and tankers stumbling upon a war souvenir, the mammoth sized Ferdinand. They enjoy some melon and some light conversation with the locals. I used mostly stock figures for this, a mish mosh of MIG figs, Wolf, Hornet and a few from Doug's Originals thrown in as well. This certainly was a lot of fun to build since this involved many techniques that I am not accustomed to like groundwork and trees. The Russian style hut was built completely from scratch with plasticard, wood and acetone as was the adjacent tool shed. One request if I could from someone who would know, PLEASE SUGGEST A NEW CAMERA FOR THIS TYPE OF WORK I DO!!!! I'm really growing sick and tired of the same blurred, non descriptive, undetailed pics I'm achieving with my Canon G6. I think it's time to move onto something different. All comments welcome.