Sunday, August 25, 2013

Most Recent Update: Latest piece I'm working on...

Here's Fig#1 I'm working on for the trench dio. This is a Jaguar figure basically stock. Should have him finished up in a day or so. 120MM, btw.

Fig #1 temporarily in place.


Fig #2 (Lewis gunner) in progress. 

British dude #2 ready for the trench.

Onto figure #3. Really gettin in a groove now!

Little more work on the Phil Walden figure who is actually an anzac but I've concerted him to a Brit. His helmet cover is done and the uniform is base coated and outlined. Will have more progress in the next couple of days.

A little more work on the Phil Walden WW1 fig.

Here is the finished Phil Walden figure. I will temporarily place him in the trench dio. Now onto figure #4.

Face done on fig #4. Man this dude is ugly! For you hockey fans this guy could be Lanny McDonald's twin brother.
Quick i phone snap of the overall diorama. I finished fig #4 tonight. 4 more to go...
Fig #5 on its way. This one is from the Firing Line range from David J. Parkins Models. Will post more progress tomorrow.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Sunday, August 11, 2013

UPDATE 4: Latest piece I'm working on...

Here is the trench base with the base colors laid out. Will start the weathering process of the mood and corrugated metal tomorrow along with the tweaking of the ground work.

Thursday, August 8, 2013

UPDATE 3: Latest piece I'm working on...

Okay. Here are the figures temporarily put in the dio. The story is going to be hard to pull off but im gonna give it my best shot. The whole scene depends on me manipulating the sitting figure to the left, making him look like he is crying because he has finally cracked. The rest of the platoon is getting ready to go over the top while trying to coax the young lad to get himself together and go on patrol into no mans land. The platoon leader is looking at his watch pensively and at this point has grown impatient with the young private. Wish me luck with pulling this one off!

UPDATE 2: Latest piece I'm working on...

Barbed wire now added. Base is pretty much ready to go.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

UPDATE 1: Latest piece I'm working on...

Trench is progressing nicely. Just need to add some barbed wire tonite. You guys diggin the pink sand?