Sunday, August 25, 2013

Most Recent Update: Latest piece I'm working on...

Here's Fig#1 I'm working on for the trench dio. This is a Jaguar figure basically stock. Should have him finished up in a day or so. 120MM, btw.

Fig #1 temporarily in place.


Fig #2 (Lewis gunner) in progress. 

British dude #2 ready for the trench.

Onto figure #3. Really gettin in a groove now!

Little more work on the Phil Walden figure who is actually an anzac but I've concerted him to a Brit. His helmet cover is done and the uniform is base coated and outlined. Will have more progress in the next couple of days.

A little more work on the Phil Walden WW1 fig.

Here is the finished Phil Walden figure. I will temporarily place him in the trench dio. Now onto figure #4.

Face done on fig #4. Man this dude is ugly! For you hockey fans this guy could be Lanny McDonald's twin brother.
Quick i phone snap of the overall diorama. I finished fig #4 tonight. 4 more to go...
Fig #5 on its way. This one is from the Firing Line range from David J. Parkins Models. Will post more progress tomorrow.

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