Friday, April 3, 2015

"Wo Bist Du Amerikaner?"

Here is my latest diorama that I have been wanting to do for a long time. It is a diorama that takes place during the ardennes offensive around Houffalize in December of 44'. it's a crashed M8 Greyhound belonging to the 82nd recon of the 2nd armored div. The armored car has lost control in the slippery, muddy/icy conditions and basically wedged itself down a ravine very close to a stream. An SS Jagdpanzer IV and some infantry were in the area and are taking a look see. One of the M8 crew has injured his leg in the accident and is actually hiding under the M8 because he is immobilized from the injury. The rest of the crew will not leave him after hearing of the Malmedy massacres so they are huddled up behind the trailer with guns drawn ready to fight it out if necessary. I'd like to add that I was inspired to do this diorama from the works of 2 great modelers and 2 guys which were responsible for getting me back into the hobby in the year 2000, Marijn Van Gils and John Rosengrant. I know john and always loved his "Lucky Strike" dio as well as Marijn's "Santa is Coming to Town" and many other works of these 2 dudes. This is my spin on a combo of both works with some Dan Capuano thrown in as well. Here are the pics.