Saturday, November 24, 2012

Ac Models 150mm Mg34 Gunner...

This is the MG34 gunner from AC models. Andy Cairns had approached me about painting this figure for boxart purposes after I had expressed some interest in tackling him when in prog pics of the sculpt were posted. He is sculpted in early Barbarossa summer garb (reed green fatigues) and Andy has lent an interesting take in the MG34 accessory box, the canteen and the rare bakelite MG butt with metal tips. The figure was finished as always in Vallejo acrylics w/citadel paints used for the metallics. The camo in the exterior bands on the helmet was a personal choice and after looking at some early war picture references, I decided to use excelsior moss and some Aber PE vines w/ leaves attached. I also used the excelsior moss to simulate the tall grass which looks good to scale, hence the matching camo on the helmet. Andy has done a fine job on this figure and is now one of my favorites in my current collection. Just can't stay away from these MG34/42 guys!!! Must be the look of the ammo belts that attracts me.


Saturday, November 10, 2012

Maurice Corry's 1/10 Scale British Piat Gunner...

This is my latest work. It is Maurice Corry's 1/10 scale British Piat gunner bust. Excellent sculpt as I think we would all expect from Maurice so not much more to add to that. he is painted in Vallejo acrylics and Citadel metallics.