Saturday, September 24, 2011

U-Boat Captain bust...

Here is my latest commission work. It is the 1/10th scale resin/white metal bust by F.M. Beneito. He is painted as usual in Vallejo acrylics and Citadel for the metallics.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Latest diorama...SURROUNDED

Hello all. Here is my latest diorama entitled "SURROUNDED". It is in 1/16th scale and incorporates the 1/16th scale T-34/76 1943 model from Trumpeter along with Verlinden, Airborne Miniatures and some other heads and what not from I don't remember where. The Russian Isba is fashioned from balsa wood, bass wood, plastic card and balsa foam (completely scratched) It represents elements of a Waffen SS division (probably LAH) during the retreats after the stalemate at Kursk. The diorama is painted as always in Vallejo acrylics and extensively weathered with MIG pigments! Oh BTW I gotta remove that Panzerfaust as it does not fit the time frame of the dio.