Monday, September 5, 2011

Latest diorama...SURROUNDED

Hello all. Here is my latest diorama entitled "SURROUNDED". It is in 1/16th scale and incorporates the 1/16th scale T-34/76 1943 model from Trumpeter along with Verlinden, Airborne Miniatures and some other heads and what not from I don't remember where. The Russian Isba is fashioned from balsa wood, bass wood, plastic card and balsa foam (completely scratched) It represents elements of a Waffen SS division (probably LAH) during the retreats after the stalemate at Kursk. The diorama is painted as always in Vallejo acrylics and extensively weathered with MIG pigments! Oh BTW I gotta remove that Panzerfaust as it does not fit the time frame of the dio.

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