Thursday, October 3, 2013

Latest Diorama - "Shell Shock"

Here is my latest diorama titled "Shell Shock". It depicts a bunch of British WW1 infantry toward the end of the battle at the Somme. it is titled "Shell Shock" because the young private in the overcoat has lost his nerve as the platoon readies to go over the top. It was very difficult to manipulate his face to make him look like he is in deep distress. In the end I even added tears to his face which are a little tough to pick up in the pics but with the naked eye they are very visible. The figures are a mish mosh of sorts since there are not an abundance of Brit WW1 figs available in 120MM. They include figures from the Jaguar range, David J. Parkins, Oz Models (Phil Walden sculpt), Victory Miniatures, The Lost Batallion as well as some trench sections and accessories from Jon Smith Modelbau. Some of the figures are slightly converted and others are stock. I had only 2-1/2 months to get this done due to my client picking this diorama up at this years annual MMSI show so I basically worked day and night from start to finish. Also I'm not really a WW1 guy so my knowledge is very limited on the subject but with some references and help from friends I tried to adhere to basic accuracy. As always the figures and all groundwork are done in Vallejo Acrylics, Citadel metallics, AK Interactive and MIG Productions products.