Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Operation Overlord...

This is my latest commission work which will be called "Operation Overlord" per the client. He is the Mirage 200MM d-day paratrooper with full kit. This figure has been around for a while but is now out of production. Another board member was kind enough to sell it to me a few months back as I was commissioned to hunt one down and paint it. I had seen this figure a few times at shows and in pictures but for some reason I never really liked it. Once I got the kit in my hands though that all changed. He really is a stupendous sculpt and a very well engineered kit. Great, great, great! He is so nice I'm actually having trouble parting with him but I know he is going to a good home. Any who, enough of waxing poetically about this figure as I think you get what I mean. He is as usual painted in Vallejo Acrylics with Citadel paints for the metallics. There are 3 massive slabs of resin that come with this kit that make up a base with a section of a damaged wall which per the client was not used and instead a wooden farm fence was scratch built with some signage to establish the setting. Grass was some mossy type of material that I had lying around that scaled out pretty good to a 1/9th scale figure.

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