Thursday, January 29, 2009

Regards From Komrade Molotov...

Hello all, this is my latest commission work for a client of mine which I call "Regards From Komrade Molotov". It is set in late war Germany and certainly has a bit of artistic license such as the evil looking SS fellow in all black and a Russian soldier appearing out of a hole in the base throwing a Molotov cocktail at the unknowing villans of the scene. I came up with this idea after my client and I discussed putting some accesories in the hole of the base ike barbed wire and maybe a skeleton or something to that effect. I thought this would be pretty unique and hope it is well received. The base BTW is one of those Ken Thomas offerings where some of the wood has rotted away, that is where the Russian soldier is situated. Entire scene is all Vallejo acrylics as usual!

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