Thursday, December 31, 2009

Minuteman Models mountain man bust...

This one will be released under the Minuteman Models moniker (sister company to Tiger Models owned by Jose T. Rodriguez). It depicts a mountain man of the 1800's in a 200MM bust. It is a very clean sculpt and I've learned you can add quite a bit of artistic license since there are no real guidelines to colors! Minute Man Models will launch their own website very very soon. The address will be They also have 2 more new figures scheduled to be released shortly a 120MM U.S. medic Normandy era and to my excitement a 120MM U.S. Marine of the early 1800's. Thanks to those who helped me out with some interesting color plates and reference for this bust it was a fun little project and thanks to Jose Rodriguez for allowing me to paint the box art. Bust is painted as always in Vallejo acrylics.


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