Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Latest Diorama - "Sniper"

Trying to focus mainly on the figures here is my latest 1/35th scale creation. This depicts the fighting in the rubble of Arnhem by the galant British "Red Devil" paras. The dio depicts Red Devils trying to advance and move one of their gravely wounded comrades by way of an British airborne jeep in the area. As the Jeep tries to position itself by reversing toward the trolley the driver is suddenly hit by sniper fire. The kneeling gent with the sten and the piat team try to use some covering fire until the driver can be dragged to a safer place. The rest of the troops are caught in the open some crouching to avoid another shot, some yelling in confusion and a couple of troops pointing in the direction which they think the shot may have came. It might be hard to tell exactly whats happening from the pics so I figured I'd explain it to help it along. The buildings, Jeep, trolley and about 80% of the figures are all modified to some extent. I used Vallejo acrylics along with MIG oil paints and MIG pigments to complete the entire scene. Any questions or comments greatly appreciated. 


  1. Incredible!!!!
    This is art in miniature.
    Cheers Luigi

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