Thursday, February 10, 2011

1/16 scale LAH Tiger with crew...

Well guy's I've been on this one for quite some time now and it is very near to completion. The Tiger I is the Tamiya 1/16 static kit with Aber add ons and some other details here and there. It is depicted as an LAH Tiger with LAH SS grenadiers along with a full crew. The grenadiers and part of the crew is from S&T and the balance is a mix of Verlinden and Alpine. The medic is a conversion from Minuteman Models and Warriors. One thing of note is I'm not sure if the LAH call sign numbers would have been red, all the reference I had showed them in black or white over an exposed undercoat of panzer grey. My client wanted them in red so it is a bit fudged I think but no biggie IMO. Sorry for the pics but because of its size it was very hard to photograph properly. Cheers in advance!


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  2. beatiful detail in many ways - thanks for sharing this excellent work!