Friday, April 1, 2011

101st airborne "The Filthy 13"

Here is my latest work. It is the OOP Warriors 1/9th scale offering by John Rosengrant of a 101st airborne paratrooper complete with Mohawk and war paint. After some help from the guys on the net and some research of my own I learned that these guys became known as part of "The Filthy 13" as 13 members of the 101st sported this look on the D-Day landings. I later learned there were actually 15 of these bad looking hombres but due to some side story they became known as the 13. I really had issue with incorporating the war paint as I felt and still feel to some extent that it takes away from the facial details which are very good on this figure. I decided to do it for 2 reasons, historical accuracy and basically because I had never done something like this before so it was different. I'd like some opinions from you guys on my decision even though I cannot change it now. Like I said I'm still half hearted about the decision to incorporate it. As always it is done on Vallejo acrylics and all hand brushed.

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  1. Dan,
    friend over un Belgium recently received a very similar looking 'Filthy 13' figure mounted atop a wooden pedestal and I'm trying to see if you can offer any help in identifying the source