Saturday, February 4, 2012

Latest Diorama - "Ambush on the Spree"...

Here is my latest dio about 99% done. I posted some in progs about 3 weeks ago so here is the finished product. It's a group of Soviet motor rifles riding a IS-2m when they are ambushed from behind a broken down VW. Some of the troops are surprised along with the tank crew and some are not sure what is going on hence not able to react. Figs are a mish mosh from Tamiya, Verlinden, Dragon, Mig, Dougs original, Tank, Hornet, Wolf, Warriors and Evolution (WHEW!!!) Almost all have hornet heads and some other mods of some kind. The IS-2m is the Tamiya kit with a bunch of aftermarket, the VW is pretty straight outta the box, CMK kit if I remember and the bank is a modified Dioramas Plus offering. I'm not really happy with the pics but I'm really not to keen on messing with them any more (hate f'ing photography). All painting and finishing is done with Vallejo Acrylics and MIG pigments.

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