Tuesday, September 9, 2014

120MM US paratrooper...

here is a piece by Mitches Military Models sculpted by Maurice Corry. This is the second time around for me with this figure. The original was 82nd airborne. My client wanted this dude to be 101st but he wanted it to be more d-day appropriate hence the jute cloth on the helmet along with the camo net and med pack. Of course after I added the med pack a friend of mine told me only the 82nd wore the med packs on the helmet on d-day but I have seen pics of the med pack worn by the 101st in pics that claimed to be d-day but could be research gone wrong so I really dont know. The figure as always is painted in vallejo acrylics and the fence was made from icicle pop sticks and an old Verlinden 1/16 scale sign set to give it some setting ID

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